Why Weight Loss?

July 30, 2014

Why Weight Loss?  Well this is a great question!  I have been a nutritionist for over 20 years  and it’s come to the point where we as a Nation must decide a new course, a new Path for our Health!

With the reality of forced Health Insurance so that every one is covered the joke is that this “WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!”

Why?  Because it mandates a corporate sale.  Corporations by their nature have only obligations to their share holders.  Therefore making a profit is the sole existence. To benefit mankind often runs counter to the profit.  For example.  If one were to find a cure for diabetes which would involve the reduction of said corporate product, the reaction to stock prices would plummet because the market would dry up.  It is therefore crucial that corporations keep people “sick” so that they can continue to provide product so that stock prices reflect that demand.

This is true for Big Pharma and Big Agra, (agriculture)!

Big Agriculture wants to produce an exclusive product which the farmers must purchase seed, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide spray from.  So, “Roundup Ready” crops are crops that are genetically engineered to “thrive” with Round Up.  This creates a bigger demand for product, roundup, it increase the stock price and value of said product.  Never mind that said product when consumed is dangerous and a known carcinogen.


Now This is why I have started the weight loss program!  It’s time that we look at what we eat and get back to basics!  No more corporate influence in our science departments!  If you want to get fat and become diabetic then follow the advice of the USDA food chart and the FDA for their warnings!  That’s an assurance that you will get sick, fat and acquire diabetes!

So why Weight Loss?  Because people are motivated by how they look!  If I can motivate someone and educate them about how eating right can not only make them look better but be healthier, lower their risk for Diabetes, chronic diseases, high blood pressure, coronary vascular disease etc. then I am going to do it!

Why this weight loss program?  Because in the 24 years of being a Nutritionist this is the best program I have ever seen.  When patients follow the requirements they are successful!  When they decide that they will do “Their Version” of it their success rate drops and so does their likelihood of losing weight permanently.

When patients lose .5 to 2 lbs of body fat per day,  THATS AMAZING!  When patients keep the weight off because they feel better look younger and want to do more during their day…. “That just amazingly profound!”

Organics is a big part of this program.  Why?  Besides pesticides and genetically modified foods here is another reason.

“A landmark study on the topic by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was published in December 2004 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

They studied U.S. Department of Agriculture nutritional data from both 1950 and 1999 for 43 different vegetables and fruits, finding ‘reliable declines’ in the amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin C over the past half century.

Davis and his colleagues chalk up this declining nutritional content to the preponderance of agricultural practices designed to improve traits (size, growth rate, pest resistance) other than nutrition… The Organic Consumers Association cites several other studies with similar findings: A Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient data from 1975 to 1997 found that average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent; iron levels 37 percent; vitamin A levels 21 percent, and vitamin C levels 30 percent.”

I hope that you like this information.  I plan to make more readily available.

For Better Health.



Are You Tired of Getting Sick?!!!!!!

February 18, 2013

As a Dr. of Chiropractic, an Exercise Physiologist, a specialist in wellness and a nutritionist for over 20 years I am amazed at how often people place their faith in flu shots and medications.  First you must understand that your immune system is governed by your nervous system and is regulated by the health of your body.  Neuro-immuno modulation is how your nervous system get’s activated.  

NeuroImmunology.  Chiropractically this is an area where families need education. By evaluating a patient for misaligned vertebrae, the Dr. of Chiropractic can find areas where there may not be pain, but rather dis-ease.  A lower than normal nerve conduction rate.  This aberrant communication creates imbalance in the nervous system and the immune system.  

Next is the endocrine system.  It too is controlled by the nervous system.  Imbalance in this system can be the result of an improper functioning nervous system and insufficient nutrients.  How?  Vitamin D is critical and is one of the lowest occurring vitamins in the Western Lifestyle.  For you and your family you should absolutely NO YOUR VITAMN D score.  To be healthy your score should be around 65-75.  This level will keep you healthy. For the naysayers reading this, NO DOCUMENTED DEATH have occurred in the U.S. from an overdose of Vitamin D.  

However, lower levels of Vitamin D has been associated with 300% risk increases in certain types of caner and will lower your immune system.  So this is one of the most important Vitamins for staying healthy during the cold and flu season.  Administering Vitamin D.  You should definitely consult your health care practitioner.  If your levels are below these healthy levels you should begin an aggressive high dosage program.  This can be from 25,000 to 50,000 iU/ week.  Having your levels checked every 3 months will allow you to see how your vitamin D is improving.  Sometimes people may have difficulty getting these levels up..

Anti-oxidants: Most diets consumed by children are defecient in helathy vitamins and mineral along with anti-oxidants.  The best way to assure anti-oxidant intake is to have mixed salads every single evening.  By combining 8 or more vegetables will help to improve their score.  By choosing different color and ORGANIC vegetables you are improving your families health. 

Supplements: Zinc lozenges 1 x daily can help improve your families immune system.  Most people are deficient in minerals like zinc and magnesium.  A zinc lozenge in the evening during fall and winter months will go a long way to improve your families immune system. 

ProTandim:  One of the best supplements to improve the anti-oxidant functionality.  1 tablet daily will be a powerful way to invest in your families health.  

Astaxanthin: This is one of the next strongest anti-oxidants and when combined with Omega 3 Fish Oil Wow!  It’s fantastic.  You see Astaxanthin can penetrate the blood brain barrier.  This is beneficial to help ensure that DHA doesn’t oxidize before your brain can use it.  

Omega 3 Fish Oil: Taking Fish Oil can help you improve your brain function and again your immune system.  Omega 3 oil is vital in keeping your immune system balanced.  Omega 6’s are unfortunately where most people get there fats from.  This creates an imbalance int the amount of Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.  your immune system can over react and if your child has asthma this is NOT GOOD!.  How can you change this keep the fish oil intake high during asthma months.  For a better blood analysis Omega Quant can test the Omega 3:6 ratio and let you know how your child or member of your family is doing.  

Rest!  It’s kind of funny how most people ignore this.  When you begin to tap yourself by having more parties, consuming more sugars and desserts, Valentines day, Christmas, and New Years it’s amazing how people can run themselves down. However, even if you run yourself down if you do the above the likelihood of you being hospitalized or severely seek for weeks is much much slimmer.  

Finally, by adding exercise onto this 3-4 x weekly, you begin to strengthen your immune system and make it very very difficult for any bacteria or viruses to having a chance of infecting you!  I guarantee you that you will be exposed to viruses and to bacteria that can cause colds and flus however; the strength of your immune system is what allows you to stay healthy not if you had your shot schedule.  

I suggest that you try this for you and your family.  The investment in these supplements the time and you will begin to realize what true health is about!  


For Better Health 


Dr. David Eade




Don’t Give Up!

January 21, 2013

It’s the 3rd week in January and one of the most consistent goals that people have is trying to lose weight!  Each year millions of American’s will try and lose weight.  Some will be successful and some will not be.  Tragically Most of Americans who start a weight loss program won’t finish it.  But what if you had a program that could help you lose weight, 1lb/day or more and would also help you keep it off?

That program is here and now.  But you see it’s just about what you put into your mouth it’s also about the system that organizes everying that you eat and converts it to useable forms and prevents it from rotting inside you and causing massive infections!  I”M Talking about your nervous system.  So many people don’t realize that the most important system in their body shouldn’t be checked if there is only a sign of pain!  That’s like saying I’m only going to check my hard drive when I start getting error messages that it’s corrupted.  NO!

By seeing a  Chiropractor you get an analysis to determine how your spine is and what is the area of concern.  Remember pain is just a “warning” sign, but the lack of pain doesn’t indicate that there is NO PROBLEM!

If most people truly understood what I do, saw how many people get better, and how this helped to improve their longevity and functionality of their life I would not be able to handle the amount of people coming in to my Napa Chiropractic Office.  However, until that day…. I need the help of patient’s to share with others in their community what it is that chiropractors do.

We help to remove the subtle interference in the spine that restores normal nerve function and in so doing allows the body to restore health!

God Bless

For Better Health

Dr. David Eade

It’s Time Like These

January 8, 2013

I am a one way motorway
I’m the one that drives away
Then follows you back home
I am a street light shining
I’m a wild light blinding bright
Burning off alone

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

I am a new day rising
I’m a brand new sky
To hang the stars upon tonight
I am a little divided
Do I stay or run away
And leave it all behind?

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

(Foo Fighters) One of my favorite songs.

This song has  had so much more meaning to me, when I have been reflecting on the Connecticut slayings.   I am at a loss for words each time I try to get my thoughts around what transpired in Connecticut.  But it’s times like these that we bring greater appreciation to our family to our friends and to those we hold close and dear.  No words can convey the pain, the angst the fear that we have over a situation like that.  Our hearts are with the victims and their families for they’re is nothing to say.  It is to know that at times like these there are those who love you and will pray for you at this time of disbelief.   I believe that in light of that tragedy that we give more of ourselves to our society.  That means simple things, like saying hi to a stranger in the store or commenting on someone’s shirt or clothing to let them know that they are being noticed and appreciated.  That’s more powerful than you can image!  What about preventing future issues?

Personally, I don’t believe that gun laws will work to reduce those types of problems.  At the current U.S. rate there is a mass killing every 2.5 weeks.  (See attached)  These killings are done by people who may at first been suffering from an emotional need that required help, love, guidance and spiritual awareness, but was instead dealt with by using drugs.  As Dr. Breggins M.D.  has testified before Congress that these drugs

increase the risk of suicide Image and violent behavior.  Not just slightly but by far more than manufacturers have reported to the FDA.  Dr. Breggins , a specialist in psychology, determined that this information was with held from the FDA initially, through his legal research in a tort case against GSK for it’s research on anti-depressants. Now the FDA knows about the dramatic increase in suicidality and violent behavior but rather than recall all SSRI’s they have merely black boxed it. (As a Dr. it is beyond my understanding why any agency would allow a medication that increases the risk of suicidality if in fact it is suppose to improve depression which can lead to suicidality!

You see the problem is that we as a society are not holding our government accountable.  In this case that would be the FDA.  This is perhaps one of the worst branches of government in our history and I mean the absolute worst.  They have no accountability, no one to discipline these Felonius greedy overseer’s!

As a doctor of chiropractic I believe that if people knew that their nervous system was designed to interpret all things in their environment both physical, and mental that they would seek out Chiropractic like a shark for blood.  Our body’s ability of adaptation is unlike any other animal on the planet.  We are amazing,but we require work and that means assessing the body to see where interruptions in our nervous system are affecting are body’s ability to recover.  Our stress now is what do we do in the future with rising rates of mass murders? How do we communicate with others? Do we withdraw into a shell?  No. It’s time’s like these that we rise up against those who have betrayed our trust.

I believe that for the first time in history that “These Times” show us that we won’t tolerate gross  injustice, that we instead light a candle for those lost and that we hold the candle up so that light may be shed on this situation.  As the light is cast upon problem that we give of ourselves to stand up and say “We will not tolerate this injustice!”  We as a people demand to have drugs like these removed from the market place and that those who hid in secrecy take the ultimate blame and serve prison time for their dubious behavior!  For it is not that wicked overcomes all but rather that honest and the innocent stand idly by and watch the gross misconduct with out ever raising a hand against it.



God Bless.

Helping Others Requires Your Help.

December 19, 2012

It’s 2012 and we are trying to help our community to a healthier and happier time.  But it’s not easy.  You see people don’t know what we do?  If people knew what we did we would be much busier.  But you see we have to compete with Billions of $ in commercials that feed  people lies about pills that they should ask their Doctor for.  Dr. Sauz commented on a Pharmoracy when people believe that all manner of ailments can only b cured by non natural means and require medication for all healing.  

You see we have a country where 1in 2 people will die from coronary vascular disease.  That’s absolutely tragic!  How about the fact that we continue to rely upon medications and yet it’s not helping.  One of the top 2 drugs prescribed in the U.S. is cholesterol medication yet we have not seen disease rates change.  In fact we have begun to see more people develop congestive heart failure!  

No people, we are not getting healthier.  I wish I could tell you that the kids of today will likely out live their parents but I can’t say that because honestly they may not.  That means that diseases of lifestyle are killing 80% of Americans!  So why wouldn’t you want to go to a lifestyle specialist?  That’s me. 

You see in our society we have become enthralled with surgical options.  Lifestyle is kllling so many of us but instead of addressing concerns that can improve our health and our lifestyle we choose to postpone the real issue, our health. 

The chiropractic lifestyle is about helping people understand that healing only comes from one location, that’s your nervous system.  Case in Point!

As we were driving our employee lunch I spotted a van with a Bumper sticker that said I support curing MSA.  Multiple System Atrophy.  Multiple System Atrophy is when there is demyelination of the nervous system that causes major “system” dysfunction.  Meaning that the nervous system is not working. Hmmmmm.   So, this disease process is when the nervous system is not functioning properly and other parts of the body begin to shut down.  That’s interesting because in Medical Doctors don’t believe that interference with the nervous system has no bearing on health.  Now there is a disease for it.  No one ever told these people about chiropractic apparently. 

How about children with failure to thrive syndrome?  Children with this disease don’t have the ability to adapt to their environment.  Their body cannot adapt and they will not survivie.  They don’t gain weight they lose weight.  They succumb to infection.  Again, their nervous systems are affected and yet no one is banging down our door to help the tens of thousands of children that are dying from this disease.  So Why?

Because people don’t know what we do.  You see I don’t have a billion dollars or a million heck I don’t even have $10,000 to spend on advertising!  I have to rely on you.  You are the best way to help make a change.  You are the only way that change can occur.  You are what we need to make changes in this community.  So how do you do it?  Ask!  Simply ask about your friends, their kids and let them know that chiropractic helps to identify misalignments in the spine which can severely affect the entire body.  

Do you need to know more than this?  I hope not.  There are more and more disease coming every day and most have to do with the in ability of the nervous system to simply do it’s job.  

Our Home.

November 13, 2012

Our Home.

What’s it like to wake up every day knowing that you think differently than 95% of the people in your country?  Answer.  IT”S NOT EASY!  

You see every morning when I wake up I think about how many sick people our Westernized Country has and it saddens me.  We declare war on  Cancer and provide PINK to entire sports teams to generate more money and interest in cancer and unfortunately the war on Cancer widens.  There are more and more people diagnosed with cancer every year. 

I think differently.  I think that at any given moment your body (just on pure statistical averages) is fighting  cancer just based on the number of new cells that turn over from the total of 75 trillion cells.  So, it’s not so much the idea of cancer that concrns me it’s how we screw up our innate army of warriors (our immune system) that can allow us to kill the cancer. 

But talk to any one that has survived cancer and they are convinced that their body’s are inept, weak, and can only fight cancer through chemo-therapy and radiation.  We have patient’s taking “palliative” chemo therapy agents to try and prevent future cancer when the research shows that taking chemo will cause cancer.  Furthermore, taking chemo in this way will likely bring back a more aggressive cancer that is resistant to most chemo agents.  

So how do we get to the next stage in health?  We have to think outside the box.  You can’t defeat cancer you have to instill the strongest immune system and by doing this you must focus on prevention which is not radiation test taking!  Prevention is about building your nervous system and your immune system.  Why do I say nervous system and immune system?  They are dependent upon one another and function together. If you were to cut or damage the nerve supply to a part of the lymphatic immune system that area would die and prevent a healthy immunological response.  In modern science we refer to this system as the neuro-immuno system.  So what does this mean?

This means things like future vaccines are not the right area to look. Vaccines don’t strengthen your immune system.  In fact they weaken it with heavy metals and adjuvants that overload the immune system.  We don’t want to shove any more crud into the body, we want the body to have less outside interference.  This means that foods that heal, are more important than chemotherapy agents because they continue to build on the health of your body.

For the majority of people that cling to the idea that this new medicine will “cure” me, ” I wish you luck” because you’ll need it.  For those of you who are open to the idea that the body is a self healing, self repairing organism that operates from Above (our brains) Down (through the spinal cord and nervous system) Inside starting first from the inside, Out (from the nerves to all cells of your body); to you I say Good Morning!



July 18, 2012

Ahhh yes a sign of the times.  Ferris Bueler was the classic movie from the 80s and I have to say it was one of my favorites.  We were on vacation recently in Disneyland and a person walked by wearing the shirt that said “SAVE FERRIS”. A few months ago I showed my kids  the movie which they loved but  I had no idea that they would want to watch it an additional five hundred times.  Principal Moony’s classic lines are now blurted through out the house and my son is trying to get the songs from Ferris downloaded to his iPod.  So What does Ferris have to do with my blog? …..It’s A classic! 

Just as my family can watch I love Lucy and laugh hysterically we can all watch Ferris Bueler and relate to the experience.  It’s a way for us to unwind, look at a situation and laugh about how the actor’s are portraying their character true to life.  

But it’s this type of portrayal that I wanted to try and understand.  Now rather than a comedy, picture a show based on life and death medicine.  It takes place in a Hospital and the characters represent the passion of humanity to save lives.  The images that we see are Doctor’s and nurses saving lives as we know it to be one of the most noblest virtues.  But the reality is quite different. 

The number of death’s per year from medicine is staggering!   It is now arguably the 2nd leading cause of death alone in the U.S.  It’s become difficult to predict the number of death’s due to increases in disease states like Congestive Heart Failure which may or can be attritubited to medications like statins, or cox-2 anti-inflammatories.  These type of medications alone can cause serious damage but to combine them is extremely detrimental.  

With the reality of medicine’s death rate it paint’s a different picture of our beloved TV shows like ER or St. Elsewhere.  What if they showed that their patient’s were not surviving but rather were dying as a result of mistakes?  What if we watched the show and the main character did not follow his or her own logic but rather the standard procure for treating heart diseases and the patient died of complications from the medication?  How would we feel?… Probably not the same as we watch the Doctor’s save lives now.  

It’s this type of writing by the Screen writers that extol the god like virtues of Dr.’s and leaves us unable to ask questions.  Questions that should be asked and can save our life.  Questions such as “Will this cholesterol medication reduce the risk of my heart attack, or reduce my risk of stroke?”   The Doctors response must be No as no research has shown a reduction in heart attack’s or strokes.  So then why do we take them?  Because as we have seen in the movies the patient’s follow the order’s.  The order’s given by the Doctors who are trained at the schools and the hospitals about procedures.  There is no uniqueness to an individual you are merely a category followed by symptoms.  Sad but true.  They classify us based on white or black or hispanic and our disease state and then rubber stamp the said drug protocol and then that’s it.  

STAGGERING TRUTH!  Each year over 700,000 people die from medical errors and medicine’s given properly.  Yes You heard that correctly.  Each year 100,000 people die from medications given correctly for a the proper disease!  That’s akin to losing a small city every single year!  This number is and has been growing each and every year! Mistakes are increasing as our reliance and use of drugs continues. 

Perhaps if we had a better dose of reality we might start to have “SAVE THE PATIENT”printed on shirts rather than SAVE FERRIS.  

What do you think? 


Nervous System Check

July 16, 2012

It’s time to be amazed! For the last 15 years I have been extolling the amazing benefits of how Chiropractic care can improve the quality of your life.  Now decades of research are showing those results.

So what are the results.  How about the largest study done over 7 years undertaken by NHIC/ medicare.  The results are amazing! People under regular chiropractic care are 59% less likely to go to the ER!  They will consume 70% less medication and over 86% are “extremely satisfied” with the care they receive from their Chiropractic Doctor!  Wow!  Imagine a city of 75,000 people all having 59% less ER visits!  I don’t know about your town but the City of Napa’s Hospital “Queen of the Valley” would go broke.  That’s a 70% Reduction in Hospital Stays and ER visits.  $$$$$$.

So what would you interpret from this study published by NHIC?  A normal person would indicate that this means chiropractic care can help reduce medical expenses!  It can help reduce drug cost annually for both the patient, the government and the insurance company.  Well unfortunately that is not the case.  The lead author of the study who gathered the information told me in an email that the purpose of the study was this.  “We were only trying to determine if chiropractic services were more expensive before our study or after our study.  We found that when we let chiropractors bill for health visits and include a broader scope of treatment that NHIC paid more and thus it was not financially prudent.  When asked to compare chiropractic costs to traditional medicinal costs his respond. “that was not part of the study”.

Yes.  You heard that correctly.  This report that wound up on the desk of the Vice President who wrote to Congress and to his supporters that NHIC recommended that Chiropractic care was not financially feasible for reducing health care costs!

Uggg!  But on the brighter side.  I was able to correspond via email with the author.  He did not think that the outcome was fair but that he did follow  the extent of the research.  I like to think of this research as “GROUND BREAKING”!  FOR the first time  Chiropractic has been shown in a very large population to reduce expenditures, reduce medication and to improve people’s lives.  The satisfaction is the highest out of any other practitioner!  Furthermore, by comparing Chiropractic care to Medicinal care chiropractic adjustments would be over 1,000,000 x safer.  How can I say that?  It’s easy, every day the equivalency of 3 and half jumbo jets filled with American Patient’s crashes!  These are mistakes from mal practice, patient’s given the wrong drug at the wrong time, the right drug at the right time, hospital mistakes, nosicomal infections etc.

I won’t let this research die and hopefully you won’t either.

Let me know what you think.


For Better Health

Dr. David Eade



Back from Vacation!

June 19, 2012

Hello Everyone!  I am back from vacation and fired up about helping people to get healthier.  Just like everything else in life “pausing” allows you to reflect and to relax so that your brain can use other synapses other pathways.  This break only makes your return that much better.  

Well I am glad I took that break and it’s definitely allowed me to improve my focus.  Looking back at this year we have made so many changes that many of you are not aware of.  First and foremost we have improved our X-ray system.  We now feature a computerized digital X-ray marking system.  No other office in Napa including orthopedists neurologist or other chiropractors has this type of technology.  This benefits you by showing you objectively your progress.  It’s a very sophisticated, and highly accurate program.  It removes many errors that were present when X-rays were marked by hand.  It also improves the time that it takes to review the films.  

We have improved our X-ray system with Digital capture X-rays.  This means a huge improvement in clarity of the image!  It’s like looking at a 1.2 megapixel image and 24 megapixel image!  I think many of us can understand that!  It’s also faster and imports and exports easily.  We can send you files of your films or reports in minutes with out a tremendous burden to you!  

Our computer system has been updated.  We are a Testing Office for the Health Care software and have the cutting edge technology to help you stay healthier and to help us manage your information.  

Now Why do I do this?  Unlike the information on your radio about some company wanting you to thrive but never really caring whether you are healthy or not we do!  I want each and every one of my patients to experience life from a healthy point not to try and constantly overcome sickness and disease!  

This constant battle of medicine vs. disease is what’s wrong with our society.  Quite simply the second biggest expense that all business and families pay is ……”sickness and disease insurance aka health insurance!”  Think about this.  almost 25% of the average families budget goes to health insurance.  You are betting that you will get sick!  It does absolutely make no sense that you give a company over a thousand dollars every month just incase you get sick, or have to take medication!??  What if you were to pay less than half that and invested the rest in you!  For example, what if you paid $500/ month into an account where you would keep a balance of $10,000.  This would be your emergency deductible, after this deductible your insurance company would step in.  They would not cover the cost of any medications but instead would allow you to invest in your health by using your $10K to purchase supplements, health club membership, perhaps lasiks, maybe to have those mercury fillings removed better shoes for exercise… it’s your health and you invest in it.  For any amount of money over the 10K you can take that money and invest it in your retirement!   I think you get the idea!  This is a true health insurance program and while it may not work for the very very sick it works for people who are healthy and who want to stay healthy.  It also gives incentives to those people who are not healthy but would like to get healthier.  

As you can see from this post, taking a break allows the mind to improve and expand.  This is just the beginning of the health revolution. 

For Better Health 

Dr. Dave

Chiropractic Lifestyle

January 26, 2011

Each and every day is a brand new beginning.  It’s an opportunity for us to take advantage of what a wonderful gift that life is.  Life is the expression of who we are.  In Chiropractic the philosophy perhaps the most important aspect of what drives the Doctor!  Why?  Because it instills the sense of how the process of life works.  There is a natural order.  In Medicine there is a sharp contrast.  Basically there is little to no Philosophy.  The Dogma of genes is now being replaced with epigenetics discerning more interest.

So What About Chiropractic Philosophy?  Chiropractic was founded on the belief that the body has an innate intelligence which is responsible for all healing.  This innate intelligence is what mends the cut on your finger, the tear in your muscle, the injury to your foot after you drop a heavy shopping bag to it.  It , your innate is amazing!  The problem with healing though is that our body’s transmission lines for innate, our central and peripheral nervous system, can become compromised.  This slows down how our innate intelligece works and begins to affect our healing and repair that goes on daily. So what do we call it when our innate is affected by a lack of transmission?  SUBLUXATION!   Remember that word!

When you are sitting at your desk and process your email, composing the next report, driving to work, remember that your body wasn’t designed to sit for that length of time.  This can cause SUBLUXATION patterns in the body!  These subluxations can lead to serious health issues.  How Serious!  In a recent Time article 2011 it was estimated that 75% of all deaths are due to lifestyle habits.  Poor diet and poor exercise!

The Chiropractic Lifestyle is born from Philosophy!  The Chiropractic Lifestyles knows that you must have movement.  It’s what are cells were programmed for.  The Chiropractic Lifestyle knows that you must Eat Well.  Your feeding your cells within your body and they require the proper nutrients.  These nutrients come from healthy soils and not processed manufacturing plants.  The Chiropractic Lifestyle knows most importantly that you must THINK WELL!  Your thoughts produce neuro chemicals.  Bad thoughts produce specific neuro chemicals.  So each and every day you must say positive things about yourself and those around you. It begins to produce the proper environment for you to live in.  THIS IS The Chiropractic Lifestyle!

Wait!…. I’m almost done.  You see an adjustment is a vital component to this.  In Chiropractic we look for Subluxations which can begin to Rot the spine by diminishing that innate intelligence.  What an adjustment also provides is a tremendous bombardment of healthy nerve input into your central nervous system and to the brain.  This begins to change the input of that subluxated spinal segment so that life changing nerve flow continues.  However, all of us develop patterns, postural patterns, that can cause us to go back to that subluxated position.  That’s why the Doctor of Chiropractic will see his or her patient’s more frequently.  To begin that level of correction and holding so that the patient begins to experience better health… Now you know more about the healthiest lifestyle on  the Planet!  It’s not new it’s been around since 1895!  It works.

Have a Fantastic Day!