Hello world!

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Well this is my first official blog and I’ll make sure that I try and impart some of my best information to these articles.  I would like to post links, videos and hopefully other helpful information.

Chiropractic it seems has been removed from the US Health initiative.  What a disaster!  It seems that this government is quickly becoming over worked by the lobbyists.  I truly believe that we do need a program for Americans to fall back on that won’t cause us to go broke.  The number one reason for bankruptcy is due to medical expenditures.  But Obama’s plan looks as if it’s trying to compete with private insurance rather than set a precident.

Here are just some of my ideas:

1.  How about an incentive plan where people are rewarded for good behaviors.  If you exercise regularly and have good statistics to show for it this would give you a bonus with your taxes for the end of the year!  Health Cholesterol levels (Anything 260 or lower)  If you take fish oil on a rgular basis and have the receipts to verify it  it’s reimburseable.

2. Drugs that have been proven ineffective or derogatory would not be reimburseable.  Some people may be outraged by this but you’ll be reading about more of this.

Ritalin- not covered,  Sorry drugging people and kids is not the solution to this problem.

Cholesterol drugs- Not covered:  when exercise and diet don’t work, your not doing it!!! Cholesterol drugs have not been shown to be effective in reducing mortality rates.  Fish oil instead.

Anti-depressants: Wow, this recent literature indicates that Eli Lilly with held information from the FDA  that indicates teen suicides were far higher than reported.  Any drug that is suppose to make you feel better but increases the likelihood of suicide vs. placebo should be pulled from the market.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Here take this drug it will make you feel numb then you are more likely to kill yourself vs. if you had not taken it.???

Well, folks it’s a start.  We need to stay focus on Health Care and less on placating disease states!

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